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Friday, January 4, 2019

The Great Flagstick Experiment Starts Well

Bryson said he was going to do it... and it appeared to work. Granted, it's only one day and it was very windy, but his stats are certainly going to draw some attention.

Bryson DeChambeau putting with flagstick in

I'm linking you to Golfweek's article about Bryson's first round because they give a tremendous amount of detail about the round, the kind of details you need if you're going to make sense of his experiment.

I know more than a few of you will be interested.

To sum it up, he left the flagstick in about half the time while topping the field at 3.868 Strokes Gained: Putting on Thursday. Let's put this in perspective. In this new wraparound season, Bryson has had exactly four rounds in which his putting had been measured... and his average SG: Putting figure was .087 strokes. That put him 92nd on Tour.

But think about it this way: In one round his SG: Putting total was 44 times better than his average after only four rounds. FORTY-FOUR TIMES! Yes, this is going to get some serious attention from players looking to improve their putting.

Again, this is only one round. We shouldn't draw sweeping conclusions from the results. But if Bryson continues to leave the stick in and his putting holds up -- bear in mind that almost any consistent improvement is better than .087 SG: Putting -- this rule change could become a bigger deal than anyone expected.

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