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Monday, January 7, 2019

The Limerick Summary: 2019 Sentry Tournament of Champions

Winner: Xander Schauffele

Around the wider world of golf: Unless there was a tournament in Asia I don't know about, the PGA Tour was the only game in town.

Xander Schauffele with Sentry ToC trophy

This is a somewhat disturbing beginning to 2019. Those of you who follow my blog know my record at picking winners is none too good. (I have, at times, even apologized to players in my blog for picking them to win and therefore jinxing them.)

However, last week I picked Xander Schauffele to win the Sentry Tournament of Champions... and he did. That means I'm one-for-one in my picks so far this year.

A disturbing thought indeed.

Not so disturbing for Xander, of course. He reminded me less of a young golfer and more of an experienced hunting dog who, having caught a whiff of his prey, tracks the helpless creature all the way to its lair where it drops at his feet, exhausted. All he did was come from five shots back -- the largest deficit ever for a winner at Kapalua -- and tie the course record of -11 to beat Gary Woodland by one.

Of course, he did it with a birdie on the final hole. It was that kind of day for Xander.

I'm not going to give Gary the hard time he received from most of the analysts. I thought he did enough to win -- let's not ignore the fact that Xander set a record for largest come-from-behind win at this event. Xander simply did something unbelievably clutch that no one expected.

No one but me, of course. Very disturbing indeed!

Still, it's a wonderful start to Xander's 2019. He not only adds to his win total, but also to that highly desirable total of Limerick Summaries won during a career. I wonder when the Tour will add a stat for that?
For Xander, this round was a dream.
He came out of nowhere, it seemed,
To take Woodland down.
Xander ran him to ground
And then finished him off at eighteen.
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