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Friday, February 8, 2019

Brian Gay's Swing (Video)

Brian Gay is only 5'10" tall. He's 47 years old and his stats aren't the best on Tour. Yet after the first round he's tied for the lead after shooting a 64 (-7) on the Monterey Peninsula course. Let's take a quick look at his swing.

Brian's not a long hitter. On this wet course he only drove the ball 256.5 yards; his longest drive was only 269. That's not very long. If you look at his swing, you'll see that he doesn't get a lot of wrist cock in his backswing and, while he does cock his wrists on the way down, he still doesn't create a lot of angle to create clubhead speed. So why did he play so well Thursday?

Simply put, Brian made his shots count. He hit over 76% of his fairways, which is actually a little better than usual, and he hit 17 of 18 greens, which was tied for best in the field. While he doesn't create a lot of clubhead speed, those quiet wrists make it easier to hit accurate shots. And since Monterey is only playing around 6950 yards, he didn't need to be as long.

Plus he was the fourth best in putting, even though the greens were tricky. When you hit that many greens, you can get a good score if you just manage to avoid three-putts.

And that's what he did. He made eight birdies and only one bogey, the rest pars. Nothing fancy -- just a solid, workmanlike round.

My point is that you don't have to do spectacular things to improve your golf. You may not make eight birdies in a round, but it's amazing how well you can score if you just minimize the bogeys. If you're trying to improve, you might be surprised how well you can score if you just focus on hitting the middle of greens and two-putting.

That means you should work on your lag putting. You don't have to be perfect -- just get better at it. And as your lag putting gets better, some of them will start to drop.

It certainly seems to work for Brian, even though he's competing against some long hitters. Find your strengths and capitalize on them. That's the key.