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Friday, March 29, 2019

Jeff Ritter's "One Stretch Fits All" Warm-up (Video)

I won't lie to you -- this stretch looks like a killer! But if you start slowly and don't push yourself past what you're actually capable of, I suppose this would be a quick whole-body stretch before a round of golf.

Disclaimer here: I think you can hurt yourself if you do this stretch wrong, so try it at your own risk.

I'm not going to try and describe all the motions. Just watch Jeff and follow along if you dare...

Again, I think the key here is not to push your body farther than it actually wants to go. When you start this, for instance, you might not be able to get your elbow all the way down to your ankle. Then don't do it! You want to gently stretch your whole body, not tear your muscles!

There's one thing I want to stress, however. Please note that Jeff wants your lower leg to be perpendicular to the ground, NOT leaning forward. That's to keep you from putting excess stress on your knee.

If you want to try this stretch, my advice would be to do it at home and use a straight chair or low stool to start. That hand he's putting on the ground? Put your hand on the seat. That means you won't go down so far to start, so you're less likely to overdo it.

One more time on the disclaimer: I think you can hurt yourself if you do this stretch wrong, so try it at your own risk. But I wanted to make you aware of this stretch, just in case you're a player who can use it...

But you shouldn't feel guilty if you can't. Jeff does this for a living, after all. Just because a pro does something doesn't mean you should!

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