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Friday, March 1, 2019

Jill Scally on Swinging a Towel (Video)

GCA coach Jill Scally demonstrated this simple feel drill on Wednesday's Morning Drive, and I think it's a good one for you to know. After all, it costs nothing and you've already got the equipment!

This idea of wrapping a towel around your clubhead to increase your feel isn't a new one, but it's still a very useful one. And you've probably already got a towel on your bag.

While Jill mentions that the extra weight of the towel helps you to better feel the clubhead -- and it's important for you to note that you don't need a heavy weight on your club to get that improved feel -- it's also true that the "floppy bits" of the towel help as well.

The loose ends of the towel exaggerate the feeling of your swing plane changing from backswing to downswing. Ideally, you want to feel as little flopping around at the change of direction as possible. If the wind is blowing, you'll feel the changes even more clearly.

And that increased weight will also help you feel the cocking of your wrists on the downswing. That's a key to getting increased distance.

Again, this isn't a new drill; it's been around for a long long time. But it's always amazing how something this simple can really help you improve your swing.


  1. In my never ending quest to improve my putting I have noticed a number of pros on all tours using a grip where the hands are placed at the same level, neither right or left hand low.Perhaps you could comment on any advantages, or better still, find a video which clearly shows this method.

    1. I'll see what I can do, Tony. Keep watch for a post on it.