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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Juli Inkster's Solheim Captain's Blog

Today is just a link to the first post of Juli Inkster's blog for the Solheim Cup. With the event coming up in just a few months, I thought some of you might be interested.

Gerina Pillar and Juli Inkster

I've looked to see how Juli has set the blog up -- perhaps on a separate site -- but at this point it appears she'll just be posting her entries as "Player Features" on (At least, that link currently works.)

Nor have I found any word on how frequently she'll be adding new posts, but this first one (dated for Monday) is a fairly long one. In it she talks about her approach to being a Solheim Cup Captain and why she keeps coming back.

One of the more unusual things she said in her post is this:
What I’ve learned is that you can’t lead everyone the same way and that I can’t lead them the way I like to be led.
I must admit, I'm wondering if the Ryder Cup team might be curious to read her thoughts on team play.

In any case, this could become a very interesting blog as the Cup gets closer.

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