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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Martin Hall on "The Azinger Secret" (Video)

I know many of you use a very strong grip. This is a video Martin Hall did some time back, showing how Paul Azinger kept from flipping the clubhead at impact. This is one of Martin's Morning Drive videos.

The secret Martin talks about is keeping the knuckles on your lead hand pointed upward at impact. (Another way to think about this is, since the back of your lead hand is on top of the grip when you use a really strong grip, you want to keep it on top through impact.) The idea here is that, as long as the ball is gone before your forearms rotate -- and they MUST rotate eventually if you use a really strong grip -- as long as the ball is gone first, you won't hit a duck hook.

But for my money, it's equally important that Paul kept his arms and grip as relaxed as he could. If you don't do that, it's really hard to get any major distance with a strong grip. Tight muscles slow down the clubhead.

Now, to do both of these things, you have to let your body turn fully into your finish. Too many people are stiff in their lower body when they swing and, if your lower body and hips stop turning too soon, you're going to flip your wrists. You have to, because your upper body will stop turning and that means your lead arm is either going to flip your hands or tear up your lead shoulder. It's just simple physics.

So if you use a strong grip, you need the Azinger Secret. A good way to practice it is to use the L-to-L drill because it's a shorter swing -- which means you won't put so much pressure on your shoulders and arms if you do it wrong -- but it's a full motion for your wrists, so you get the practice at delaying that wrist flip until after impact.

Of course, that drill is good for your swing, period. But if you have a really strong grip, this drill is even more important to help you learn how to use it properly.

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