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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Several Teachers Comment on Ho-Sung Choi's Unique Swing

I found this new article at about Ho-Sung Choi and his, shall we say, interesting swing. The magazine's instructors all seem to like his swing, and I thought you might find some of their observations helpful.

Ho-Sung Choi at the end of his swing

First of all, they all seem to agree on one thing: Impact is what matters, and Choi creates a very solid, repeatable impact position. As Alison Curdt puts it:
I think one main reason his swing works for him is because he believes in it. The ball only knows impact conditions, so what happens before and after impact can be personal to the player. As long as impact has the right conditions, as Ho-Sung correctly does, then the shot can be successful.
Bob Grissett adds:
Ho-Sung Choi has found a way to create good impact alignments with great face/path control, with a swing that works under pressure for him. He actually achieves some very good body positions from start to impact.
I liked Bob Labritz's comment that Choi "understands the clubface." What he means is that Choi knows where the clubface should point at impact and he knows how to get it there.

Jim Roy says:
If you look past the antics, I think his motion is great. Hip to hip, his club is in real good shape. I love how his club has a slinging motion. You get the impression all he’s thinking is “target!” As Adam Bazagette [another instructor in the piece] said, he’s uncluttered.
Just a quick reminder: You can practice that hip-to-hip motion using the L-to-L drill which, you are probably tired of hearing me say, can be found in this blog post (among others).

Perhaps Deb Vangellow summed it up best when she said:
Golf swings don’t win tournaments, PEOPLE do. Anyone who shoots 67 under tournament play pressure has my respect — immediately.
So don't feel guilty if you enjoy watching Ho-Sung Choi play. You really can learn from him. He's not only very entertaining, but a solid player to boot!

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