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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Brad Skupaka on Finding Your Swing's Low Point (Video)

Brad Skupaka from GOLFTEC did this short video showing a drill that helps you identify the low point of your swing.

It's a very simple three-point drill using a towel to give you a good visual of where the club should hit the ground.
  1. First, identify where you should position the ball. Use the towel to help you see where you actually take a divot in your swing.
  2. Second, shallow out your divot. Now try to make the same swing, taking a divot in the same place but taking a smaller divot than before.
  3. Finally, actually hit a ball. Leave the towel in place and try to hit the ball with the shallow divot from the second step.
There's nothing complex about this drill. It's all about getting a clear visual of where the bottom of your swing is while taking a very shallow divot. How much more can you say about it? It's less of a technique drill than a knowledge drill.

After all, you can't make solid contact until you learn where to place the ball so you can make solid contact.

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