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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Henderson Defends... and More

Since I've been shouting out special achievements this week, let me shout out Brooke Henderson who made history with her defense at the LOTTE Championship on Saturday.

Brooke Henderson holds her second LOTTE trophy

In case you hadn't heard, eight is a magic number in Canadian golf. Up until Saturday, Sandra Post held the Canadian record for LPGA wins at eight. So Brooke has tied the legend.

But it gets even better, because Mike Weir and George Knudson (whose book, The Natural Golf Swing, I sometimes refer to in this blog) hold the Canadian record for PGA Tour wins. Can you guess what it is?

You got it the first time. Eight.

Which means Brooke is one of the four Canadian golfers with the most LPGA or PGA Tour wins in history -- and she did it in style, winning by four strokes under tough conditions.

You can read the LPGA's write-up about it at this link. But this is a major milestone for Canada, and it shouldn't pass unnoticed. I'll just content myself to say, "Congratulations, Brooke. Now go get that ninth win!"

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