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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Jack Nicklaus on Hitting It Long and Straight (Video)

The weather in Augusta is supposed to turn bad today, so perhaps some help from Jack Nicklaus on how to hit the ball long AND straight might be helpful.

I like Jack's answer to the question, "How far can you hit it?"
"As far as I need to."
And he notes something that is overlooked by a lot of people -- namely, that he utilized his adrenaline when he needed to hit the ball a long way. That's a strategic decision, folks, based on knowing how your body is reacting to the situation you're in at the time.

The key to drives that are both long and accurate is, according to Jack, to swing within yourself. While he says that golf is played from the ground up -- which means you need good footwork and lower leg action -- the key is to do that without throwing your body around in a sloppy way.

In other words, you can swing hard as long as you stay in balance.

Yeah, that covers a lot of things like sound mechanics and proper sequencing and self-awareness, among other things. But while you may not be able to know for sure how well you're doing all those things, you CAN tell if you're swinging in balance.

And the best drill to get better at that is simply swinging as fast as you can without losing your balance. Start with half swings, then go to full swings -- and don't hit balls with either. What you want to do is start swinging at a speed where you can keep your balance, then try to swing faster and faster until you can't.

The fastest speed at which you CAN keep your balance becomes the starting point of your drill. Mix it up -- make some fast swings, some slow swings, some medium-speed swings. And after you do that, try hitting some balls while making the same swings.

And focus on staying in balance. Watch some video of Jack in his prime. No matter how hard he swung, Jack was never out of balance.

That's how you begin developing your ability to play by feel. Swinging in balance is the basis of playing by feel. Learn to swing in balance and you'll make a huge stride towards hitting the ball longer and straighter.

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