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Thursday, April 11, 2019

John Hughes on Better Scoring Through Smarter Golf

PGA instructor John Hughes has a lengthy article at on how to improve your scoring by using a strategy better suited to your game. I think it's a good article to study.

Pick a target for your shots

Here are the basic points of his article.
  • Aim your shots toward smaller, more precise targets. Even if you don't hit them, you'll improve your results by focusing on a smaller target.
  • Rather than trying to hit every club as far as you possibly can, choose clubs that you know you can hit pin-high without a struggle. You'll put yourself in better position more often.
  • Aim for the middle of the green. You're more likely to make a long putt on the green than a tricky chip from a tough lie.
  • Understand the challenges of the course you're playing. That way, you can figure out how to put the shots you already know how to hit in play more often, and that will eliminate a lot of your big scores.
  • Finally, play to your strengths. You'll always score better if you hit shots you have confidence in than if you try to hit shots you have trouble with.
I know, it all sounds terribly basic. But it's always the basics that trip us up. How many poor shots have you hit because you were set up improperly? How often have you hit a ball into trouble because you didn't take enough club? How many times have you ended up in trouble because you tried to hit a club that you never hit well, even on the range?

John Hughes has a lot of good tips on how to take these simple tips and apply them consistently to your game. If you spend some time reading and studying this article, your game will improve -- even if you don't get a lot of practice.

Remember: You always play better when you know what you're doing and why!

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