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Sunday, April 7, 2019

The First Woman Ever to Win at Augusta

This is more than history to me. You see, I live just outside Winston-Salem NC, where Wake Forest University is.

And Jennifer Kupcho is a senior at Wake Forest.

Jennifer Kupcho with Augusta National Women's Amateur trophy

By now everybody knows that Kupcho made history in a lot of ways, and Maria Fassi also did her part. While Kupcho won the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur by four shots over Fassi, Fassi herself was four shots clear of third place. It's hard to argue with that kind of debut!

People would pay for this kind of play in the Masters. Kupcho was rankied #1 in the world and Fassi #9, but Fassi is a power player against Kupcho's more precise game. Both have already qualified for the LPGA but postponed turning pro to play in the Augusta event and finish out their college careers this spring. And both played Augusta National for all it was worth.

Although, after shooting -5 on the last six holes, you have to say that Kupcho clearly earned that trophy!

So yeah, I think I've got a good reason to celebrate. And I also think we'll be hearing a lot more about this event over the next week, given that the Masters can now be a celebration of women's golf, junior golf and men's golf. No other event can make that claim.

The Kupcho-Fassi duel is history now. And if there was ever any doubt that this new event would be a success, those two sure took care of that!

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