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Monday, April 15, 2019

The Limerick Summary: 2019 Masters

Winner: Tiger Woods

Around the wider world of golf: Yes, it's true that some pros didn't watch the Masters. Andrés Echavarría won the Molino Cañuelas Championship on the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica; and David Kocher won the Haikou Championship on the PGA TOUR China.

Tiger celebrates his fifth Masters win

Well, my Tuesday Twofer picks went better this week. I picked Francesco Molinari (T5) to win and Tiger Woods (1) to Top10. While I got the order reversed, it's still two Top5 picks for me this week and -- let's face it -- I'm not disappointed with the outcome.
  • Winners: 2 for 15
  • Place well (Top10): 9 for 15 (5 Top5 finish, 4 more Top10s)
  • Overall Top10s: 17 of 30 (8 Top5s, 9 more Top10s)
And the whole golf world seems to agree with me.

After the first Augusta National Women's Amateur and the Annual DC&P competition, Masters Week just got better and better -- in large part because Augusta National took on so much water that even the Competition Committee couldn't dry it out. All they could do was make it reward good shots... and boy, did we get good shots! The number of records that were broken last week was amazing.

Hole Number 12 turned out to be the turning point, as it so often has in the past, but on a level that was unexpected. Was it the wind or the Tiger Effect that caused Molinari, Koepka, Finau and Poulter all to come up short and post double-bogeys? We do know that it was Tiger's experience that let him walk away with a par.

And by the time he reached 18, with the crowd chanting, "TIGER, TIGER!" at a deafening volume, you have to wonder if the youngsters are really all that glad they got that taste of "PrimeTime Tiger" they've been saying they wanted. I suspect the older players are getting a good laugh about that.

In the meantime, Tiger got his first-ever come-from-behind win, his fifth Masters victory, his 81st tournament win (just one behind Sam Snead) and another round of Tigermania -- only this one must be bigger than even he expected. At least his latest Limerick Summary will be quiet enough that he can get some well-deserved sleep today!
His first major win from behind!
The Tiger we hoped he would find
Is back on the track
To chase after Jack;
It all seems like some grand design…
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