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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Congrats to the Duke Women's Golf Team!

I have to take a moment to give the gals at Duke a shout-out for their win over Wake Forest at the NCAA Women's Championship.

The victorious 2019 Duke Women's Golf team

The finals were particularly cool for me because both teams are from North Carolina. I live about ten minutes outside Winston-Salem, where Wake is, and Duke is a bit less than two hours east of me in Durham, near Raleigh. I was going to be happy regardless of which team won, which doesn't happen to me very often!

And if you missed it, it turned out to be a very close competition. Duke won 3-2, but only one of the matches could be called a blowout. One match finished 1-up and three others went extra holes -- including the match that decided the winner.

Although I know the Wake team is disappointed, they have come so far in the last year or so that I'm still very happy for them. They had a lot of success this season and have a lot to build on next year.

But you'll be hearing the parties at Duke for a while, I guarantee. Enjoy them, girls -- you earned it!

Now on to the Men's Championship!

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