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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Congrats to the Stanford Men's Golf Team!

Just wanted to take a moment and recognize the new NCAA Men's Div1 Golf champs, the Stanford Cardinal.

The triumphant Stanford men's golf team

Stanford took out Wake Forest in the quarters, Vanderbilt in the semis and Texas in the finals. It was quite a run for the number 6 seed and it got them Stanford's first NCAA Div1 Championship since 2007, back before match play was instituted.

The one thing I want to do is link you to this Golfweek article about the semifinal match that Stanford freshman Daulet Tuleubayev won with a cracked driver. To me, that was the most interesting story to come out of the matches.

So congrats to the Cardinal! And now let's get on with the pro majors...

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