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Friday, May 17, 2019

How Arnold Palmer Got His Distance (Video)

During Live From... last night Brandel Chamblee talked about how Danny Lee successfully got more length without losing his swing the way many players have. He talked about how using your knees creates this extra clubhead speed.

Arnold Palmer used basically the same technique during his career. The main thing he did differently from what Brandel described is that he started the process with his trailing knee straight instead of bent. Otherwise it's the same sequence.

I originally posted this video back in 2014. It explains the basics of the Palmer swing.

In Brandel's explanation he focused on the up and down movement. In my original post I included a couple of photos with vertical lines to help explain the lack of sideways movement that keeps you steady over the ball for solid contact.

When it comes to modern swing analysis, we're learning that the old techniques are new again. You can still learn a lot from the legends of the game.

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