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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Kerrod Gray on Keeping Your Backswing in Sync (Video)

I'm going Down Under for today's tip! PGA of Australia instructor Kerrod Gray has a "square" drill to help you strike the ball more consistently.

While Kerrod's "square" drill may sound a bit odd, it's actually a concept that Ben Hogan believed in. Letting your trail elbow get too much behind you puts you too much below your natural swing plane, and as a result you tend to swing up and over to start your downswing. That can create a too-steep attack angle at impact, costing you both distance and control.

The goal of any swing is consistency -- especially if that consistency feels so natural that you don't have to think about it. This idea of getting the upper part of your trailing arm parallel with your shirt seam (I think Hogan described the concept as "pointing your elbow at your hip") keeps you from getting either too deep or too steep during your swing. It also eliminates a lot of potential back strain in the process.

Give this drill a try and see if it doesn't improve your ballstriking. I think you'll be surprised how quickly this more neutral backswing position will both feel natural and help your consistency.

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