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Friday, May 24, 2019

Mike Malizia on Lifting Your Lead Heel (Video)

GCA Lead Coach Mike Malizia did this video about whether you should lift your lead heel or not. Here, take a look:

The key here is that you don't decide to lift your heel or keep it down. Rather, it's your flexibility when you turn that causes your lead heel to lift. Lifting your heel isn't a decision you make; it's just a reaction you have. As Malizia says, the less flexible you are, the more your lead heel will lift. If you stay relaxed, your heel will just be pulled off the ground naturally and the sequencing will be correct.

And when your heel is pulled off the ground, you'll get a very natural weight shift. To start down, you just let your lead heel settle back down onto the ground and -- as I said -- the sequencing will be correct.

But I disagree with Malizia on one point. Just because you're flexible enough to keep your lead heel on the ground doesn't mean you should. I'm flexible enough to keep my heel on the ground... but when I do, my lead hip drops a bit and it changes my spine angle from the way it was at address. Trust me, you have to make a compensation on the way down to correct that! You don't want to make compensations if you can avoid it.

My advice is to just make your hip turn and let your lead heel raise if it wants. Depending on how flexible you are, it may only lift a little... or it may lift a lot. But don't try to make it do either one. Just let it happen naturally and you'll get a more consistent swing motion.

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