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Monday, May 20, 2019

The Limerick Summary: 2019 PGA Championship

Winner: Brooks Koepka

Around the wider world of golf: Robby Shelton won the Knoxville Open on the Tour; Evan Harmeling won the BMW Jamaica Classic on the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica; Luke Kwon won the Qinhuangdao Championship on the PGA TOUR China; Helen Alfredsson won the US Senior Women’s Open Championship on the LPGA Legends Tour; Leona Maguire won the Symetra Classic on the Symetra Tour; Céline Herbin won the La Reserva de Sotogrande Invitational on the LET; and Seong-Hyeon Kim won the HEIWA PGM Challenge on the AbemaTV Tour (that's part of the Japan Golf Tour).

A tired Brooks Koepka with the Wanamaker trophy

Well, my Tuesday Twofer picks did better this week. I picked Jon Rahm (MC) to win and Dustin Johnson (2) to Top10. I had such a strong gut feeling about Rahmbo when the week started; apparently it was only indigestion. But DJ lived up to expectations and even had a chance to win.
  • Winners: 2 for20
  • Place well (Top10): 11 for 20 (6 Top5 finish, 5 more Top10s)
  • Overall Top10s: 21 of 40 (11 Top5s, 10 more Top10s)
In the end, though, the story was about Bethpage Black. After a few days of slumber the old girl woke up, shook the sleep out of her eyes and began to terrorize the poor mortals who had dared to challenge her.

Even the hero of the script, Brooks Koepka, wasn't immune to her rage. After three days of setting records and humiliating the rest of the field, Brooks learned he wouldn't escape without a fight. On Sunday the Black began stealing back all the strokes he had stolen from her, even putting his victory in jeopardy.

And to whom did she offer it? Why, Dustin Johnson, of course! Had DJ simply managed to go -1 on the last three holes he could have forced a playoff.

But the Black was merely toying with him, it seems. In the end, all Brooks needed was a hard-won bogey on the final hole to defend his title and become the first player ever to defend two titles and hold their trophies at the same time -- in this case, the PGA and the US Open.

Now all eyes will be on him at Pebble. Can he possibly pick up a third US Open in a row? Perhaps the better question is... can anybody possibly stop him?

As of today, the answer is in doubt.

Brooks has broken too many records for me to list here, and he may break more before the year is out. All I know is that he made Brandel Chamblee eat his words -- the photo came from a article citing Brandel's admission of defeat -- and he challenged me to make him a suitable Limerick Summary. I think I did a decent job. Do you?
His back-to-back majors made history.
His length off the tee and his wizardry
‘Round the greens is so strong
That, unless Brooks goes wrong,
How another might win is a mystery.
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