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Thursday, June 20, 2019

AKA the Korn Ferry Tour

The Tour is under new management, effective immediately. Say hello to the Korn Ferry Tour!

New Korn Ferry Tour logo

Since this new sponsorship takes effect RIGHT NOW, it seems appropriate to take a moment and make sure you know who the new sponsor is.

Korn Ferry is a management consulting firm with headquarters in Los Angeles CA, and it's a BIG company. Excuse me, companies -- I counted 41 when I Googled it, and Wikipedia's Korn Ferry page says they have (as of 2018) 106 offices in 52 countries. The name may sound a bit unusual, but it's simply the last names of the two men who founded it nearly fifty years ago in 1969, Lester Korn and Richard Ferry.

And the new sponsorship deal is for ten years, through 2028. Here's GC's announcement if you're interested. Yes, friends, the PGA Tour's development tour has picked up a huge sponsor.

I suspect we'll be learning more about it as the year goes on, but for now it appears that nothing major will change other than the brand on the tour. And that's good news all around.

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