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Friday, June 7, 2019

Jason Sedan on Distance Control in Putting (Video)

GCA's lead coach Jason Sedan has a simple drill that might help you get better distance control with your putter.

I like this drill for two reasons.

One, you'll note that Jason says using it will help eliminate EXCESSIVE hand action. With the ball between your putter handle and your lead wrist, you should still be able to get a slight bit of wrist flex on the backswing without dropping the ball. But if your lead wrist breaks down at impact, the ball will fall out.

We don't want stiff wrists during our swing. We just don't want our lead wrist to bend backward at impact.

And the second reason? It's a major reason for choosing the drills I include on this blog: You can use them during a round without penalty. Artificial teaching aids are against the rules, but drills using your normal equipment are not. And although you can't actually hit practice putts during a stroke play round, you can use this drill to make practice strokes while you wait for your turn to putt.

It's a simple drill to help you learn proper hand action while putting.

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