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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Johnny Miller's 3 Stroke Savers (Video)

Lower your score without changing your swing? Count me in! Johnny Miller has three strategies to help you lower your score immediately.

These tips will sound overly simple, but even the pros get tripped up when it comes to following them.
  • Take one more club. Weekend players are always coming up short but I remember four different pros coming up short on the 12th at Augusta a couple of months back, don't you? If you've been watching any golf over the last few months, you don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times players have come up far short of their targets. Forget the Superman cape and take more club!
  • Favor the safe part of the green. You can forgive the pros for shortsiding themselves, at least occasionally, because they're after a win -- and that not only means a boatload of money but two or three years of Tour membership and invites to majors. YOU, however, will get NONE of these things. All you're gonna get when you shortside yourself is a higher score. Try and leave yourself in position for an easier next shot.
  • Be smart about risk. Johnny calls it "green light, yellow light, red light golf" but all he means is that you should be honest with yourself about your chances of actually pulling off the shot you're considering. If you insist on trying Mickelson shots because you like the excitement, then shut up about your high scores because you aren't trying to avoid them! If a particular shot is something you frequently play well, that's one thing; but going for a pin that requires a once-in-a-lifetime shot is scorecard suicide.
I know, you've probably heard all three of these suggestions before. I know, you think they're a one-way trip to a boring round of golf. But I also know that you come up short, shortside yourself and try impossible shots way too often... because we all do it.

Good golf is a matter of discipline, of making the right choices instead of trying to impress others. Play smart and your scorecard will do all the impressing you could ever want!

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