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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Kerrod Gray on Making Better Contact (Video)

Let's go Down Under again for another video from PGA of Australia's Kerrod Gray. This short video is on making better contact.

Clearly Kerrod wants you to stop hitting the ball thin, and to do that you need to extend your arms through impact into the finish. This little drill, which uses club shaft contact with your belly button to teach proper extension, is very simple and can even be done during a round if you fall back into bad habits.

One thing I'd like to point out is that you don't want to create a reverse-C finish, which you might do by accident if you don't understand what Kerrod is telling you to do. He says you want to finish TALL, with your chest up, not leaning too far backward. He's exaggerating just a bit to make sure you shift your weight onto your lead leg. (It doesn't hurt that he's fairly tall and flexible as well!)

But note that his lead leg is perpendicular to the ground; his lead hip is not pushed out past his lead foot. This should be a stable position that you can hold easily without hurting your back.

This little drill can really help if you have a tendency to fall back onto your trailing foot during your finish -- a reverse pivot -- by teaching you what a balanced finish feels like.

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