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Friday, June 14, 2019

Mark Crossfield on Putting from Deep Rough (Video)

Yes, I know he says he's chipping... but he's using a PUTTER!

This is a shot from a gnarly buried lie. It's not something you want to do unless you have to... but if you need it, it's a great shot to have!

This is definitely something you'd need to practice but, as Mark says, it's hard to get a clean strike with a wedge from this kind of lie. Positioning the ball way back in your stance -- opposite your trailing toes -- and just hitting straight down so the ball pops out and runs will at least get the ball out of the rough.

Please note that the ball is very close to the green for this shot. (Mark's only a foot or so from shorter grass.) You'll need to see exactly how far away from the green you can be and still get this to work.

Also note what Mark says: The ball comes out hot if it comes out -- this is a very bad lie, and you need a bit of luck -- and you'll have very little control. It's all about how hard you hit the ball. If you don't hit it hard enough, it won't come out. If you hit it too hard, it will rocket across the green. You'll have to practice this shot before you try it during a round!

Even with all the drawbacks, I agree with Mark -- this is a clever shot to use when you're in an otherwise impossible situation. (I bet some of the guys at Pebble this week wish they had this shot.) I wouldn't spend a lot of time practicing it, but a couple of minutes spent each time you hit the range could give you a really cool weapon for your short game.

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