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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Michael Breed on Increasing Driver Swing Speed (Video)

I didn't pick this video for the reasons you might expect. Rather, it's because Breed gave me a great image that can help you swing better.

It's that coffee cup image. It's a perfect picture of a swing with perfect rhythm and tempo! So let me repeat it again for you.

Imagine that you're driving to work and you want to accelerate your car into traffic. The problem is, you've just bought a cup of hot coffee, you're holding it between your legs and it has no lid on it. You want to get up to speed as quickly as possible without getting a wet scalded crotch. How do you do it?

Simple. You accelerate slowly and smoothly.
  • You have to do it slowly enough that the coffee doesn't slosh over the lip of the cup.
  • But you also have to do it smoothly. You want the car to get up to speed but if you start slowly and then suddenly stomp on the gas, the coffee will still slosh out of the cup -- only it will happen after you think you got away with it.
Mess up either way and you are in pain. (And you have to buy new pants or a new skirt as well!)

Bobby Jones once said that if you swing properly, it feels like you have all the time in the world to hit the ball. That's because the change of direction at the top feels leisurely. If you do it right, the clubhead will be flying by the time it reaches the ball!

So try using this image to help smooth out your swing. Once you eliminate the jerkiness at the start of the downswing, you do more than pick up speed. You also improve your impact with the ball, and that insures that you get the full benefits of the speed you create.

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