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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Alison Curdt on Backward Shots

Technically this Golf Tips Mag article teaches two trouble shots. The first is a punch out from the trees... but it's the second shot I'm interested in.

The second shot is a backward shot, with your back to the target.

Using your wrist for a backward shot

Alison Curdt's explanation is absurdly simple, but the key to the shot really is that simple. This is a shot that is made entirely with one wrist. You can see in the photo sequence above that she isn't swinging her arm; she's just cocking her wrist upward and then using that wrist cock to strike the ball. Compare photo 5 with photo 3. It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Will you need to practice this shot? Of course. It may take a little practice to gain confidence that wrist action alone is enough to get the necessary distance for this shot. But once you do, the actual execution is dirt simple.

And when your ball is in the junk, simple is exactly what you need.

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