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Friday, July 5, 2019

Kerrod Gray on Playing a Lob Shot (Video)

Here's another tip from Down Under. This time, Kerrod Gray teaches you the address position for playing a lob shot.

I think what drew my attention to this video was how clearly Kerrod has described making sure your ball position is consistently in the same place so you can use the bounce of the club to get that nice high lob shot.
  • Use the the length of the head of your lob wedge to make sure your heels are the same distance apart each time.
  • Place the ball opposite the instep of your lead foot.
  • Shift your weight forward in your stance so the middle of your chest is over the ball. (He says your shirt buttons, but some golf shirts don't have buttons!)
  • Point the butt of the shaft at your belly button. (That's where your belt buckle will be if you're wearing a belt.)
These four keys make sure that you are centered over the ball, your stance is narrow enough that you won't move around over the ball, and you use the full loft of the club (and hence the bounce) at impact.

While some of you may find his "keep the cup" thought useful, I suspect many of you will be more consistent if you just think of having the shaft pointed at your belly button at the bottom of your swing -- or perhaps that the shaft is pointed straight at the ground at the bottom of your swing. Use whichever thought helps you get that shaft vertical at impact.

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