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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Martin Hall's Alignment Stick Trick (Video)

This Night School segment from Martin Hall strikes me as an ingenious way to use alignment sticks! But I don't think I've ever seen anyone recommend it before.

This idea of using two sticks to recreate the Jack Nicklaus method of aiming a shot is so simple and yet so sensible. In case you didn't know it, Jack recommended picking a spot on your aimline that was just a few feet -- if that much -- ahead of the ball.

Martin's suggestion of putting two alignment sticks on the same line, with a gap between them where you place the ball, allows you to actually see your forward aimpoint and get used to hitting the ball over it. It's a great way to condition your mind to see that near aimpoint without losing track of the longer aimline you originally chose before you took your address position.

While I generally prefer drills that you can use on both the range and the course -- and you can't use alignment sticks on the course -- this one can create such a strong mental image of Jack's targeting method that I like it.

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