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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Shane Lowry on the Punch Shot (Video)

Okay, it's a younger Lowry -- about six years ago -- but he had already won the Irish Open as an amateur. And since he's been playing this shot to perfection (so far) this week, we should pay attention!

Very simple keys -- exactly what you would expect from a feel player like Shane.
  • Move the ball just slightly back in your stance. (There's a good still of his ball position with a 5-iron at the 0:47 second mark.)
  • Take one more club than you think you need because you don't want to hit the ball as hard as normal. That would cause the ball to fly too high in the wind.
  • Aim slightly left for a right-hander. (Aim slightly right for a left-hander.) Moving the ball back causes it to start out a bit to the side.
  • Then you just swing a bit easier, which should result in a smoother swing into the wind.
And that's how you leave your competition in the dust. He's convinced me!

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