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Friday, July 26, 2019

Tommy Fleetwood on Chipping (Video)

This video of Tommy Fleetwood's chipping technique is about four years old. It has some interesting ideas about how he does it.

Much of Tommy's technique is pretty standard. He chips from an open stance and uses different clubs for different length shots.

But I found it interesting that he uses four different wedges for his chipping when many players would use short irons. I guess that's just a personal preference, as is the choice to use one wedge or many clubs to chip with.

But a more likely tip for you to try is this:

Tommy says that when he wants to hit his chips higher, he widens his stance. This also allows him to put more spin on the shots, and he notes that you can't really put spin on the shorter chips. This kind of knowledge could really help you when playing from difficult lies.

This is only a five-minute video, so it's worth your time to watch it and see if something in particular jumps out at you. After all, Tommy's short game is a huge part of the reason that he's become the consistent competitor that he is.

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