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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Another European Tour Guinness World Record Attempt (Video)

American Sean Crocker, Belgian Thomas Detry, Ireland’s Paul Dunne and Italian Guido Migliozzi tried to break the Guinness record for the ‘Fastest hole of hole of golf by an individual’. I'll have to just link you to the ET page since I can't embed the video.

Sean Crocker begins his attempt

The record to break was 93.37 seconds. The hole was the tenth at Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, near Malaga, Spain -- a par-5 playing over 500 yards for the attempt.

Let's put this in perspective. When you stop to think that Olympic sprinters typically run the 100-yard dash at around 10 seconds and the world record for the 400-yard dash is just over 43 seconds, you'll realize that it would take better than a world record performance just to run the hole in 60 seconds.

And that would leave only 30 seconds to actually make the required shots!

The video is a blast. Did they do it? You'll have to watch to find out.

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