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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Brian Fitzgerald on Reducing Your Slice (Video)

Brian Fitzgerald from the PGA of Australia has an interesting video on how to get control of a slice. If you struggle with a slice, this video is for you!

I'm sure a lot of you will be uncomfortable with the idea of using your hands to control where the clubface is pointed, and especially using a neutral grip to do it. You've heard repeatedly that the best golfers use strong grips and use the movement of their bodies to control the clubface.

But are you a pro? Do you fight a big hook like so many of them do? As Brain points out, if you use your body to control the club like the pros do, you'll usually create a slice. That's because they are TRYING to create a slice!

If you want to hit the ball to a spot you're aiming at, you have to be aware of where the clubface is pointed at impact. (You've read this on my blog before. It's a basic truth of the golf swing.) And to control the clubface you must use your hands because your hands are holding the club.

You're afraid you're going to FLIP your hands and hit a big hook, I know. That's what most instructors warn you about. But again... are you fighting a hook already? Then don't worry about it until it's a problem.

Brian's drill is actually a good way to learn how proper hand action teaches you to control where the clubface is pointed. If you go to the range, aim to the right side of the range (the left side if you're a leftie) and try to make the ball draw just by using your hands, it will teach you to feel where the clubface is pointed. It's going to take some practice, of course, but once you learn how to make the ball move, you'll learn how to limit how much it moves.

If you've read my blog for a long time, you'll recognize his advice to feel as if you're throwing a Frisbee® with your lead hand. (Here's a link to one of them.)

Look, even if you're uncomfortable with the idea, if you're fighting a slice then try Brian's drill. Learning how it feels when the clubface is pointed where you want it to point is a breakthrough skill for most golfers. Even the pros.

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