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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Brian Jacobs's Square Face Drill (Video)

This drill/game from GCA coach Brian Jacobs is good for more than improving your ability to hit solid predictable shots.

This drill -- or game, if you so desire -- will certainly help you learn to control the face better. If you gain the ability to hit the ball anywhere on the clubface that you desire, it will certainly improve your ability to control shot shapes and hit more fairways as well.

But this drill teaches you more than that. Waaaay more...

If you practice hitting the ball off the toe, off the heel and square in the center of the face, you will learn what each of those impacts feel like. And if you can recognize when you've hit the ball somewhere other than the center of the face, you'll be able to troubleshoot your swing during a round and make corrections right there on the course! This is a major skill worth having in your repertoire.

And since it's a drill you can play as a game, practice won't be so boring either. What more could you ask from a drill?

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