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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Butch Harmon on NOT Using a Wedge (Video)

This is so simple but very few players ever listen. Let Butch explain it...

The concept is simple: A less-than-full swing is easier to control than a full swing. Perhaps the pros like to hit wedges as hard as they can, but that doesn't mean YOU should. Despite hours of practice, the pros still mis-hit those full shot very often.

But they don't mis-hit the short shots like chips and pitches nearly as often, do they? That's what Butch wants you to understand.

The technique is equally simple. Just choose a 9-iron instead of a wedge, position the ball slightly ahead of the center of your stance and make a three-quarter swing with a cut-off finish. That keeps the ball flight down and makes it easier to get the ball on line to the target.

And while Butch says to use a 9-iron for this shot, the concept works for longer shots as well. There are shots where you currently try to hit a 7- or 8-iron that might give better results using this technique with a 5- or 6-iron. When distance isn't a problem, it's usually best to choose accuracy over power.

You might be surprised at how many strokes this tip can save you during a round. After all, Butch knows what he's talking about.

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