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Friday, August 30, 2019

Kathy Whitworth and Nancy Lopez on Solid Contact (Videos)

Yes, two videos today! They're on the same topic by two legends, but they give you slightly different ways to think about what you're doing at impact. First up -- Nancy Lopez.

Nancy says that it's not just about looking at the ball. Rather, it's about where on the ball you're looking. She suggests looking at the back of the ball but, more than that, looking through the back of the ball to the grass beneath. Clearly you don't have x-ray vision but the idea is to focus on a single point where the club will make contact with the ground, and that point will insure that you are hitting downward on the ball at impact.

Now here's Kathy Whitworth's take on the same idea. BTW, when she mentions Harvey, she's talking about her instructor, the late Harvey Penick.

She says this is the only drill Harvey ever taught her, but it's just another way of thinking about impact. She says she tries to clip the grass just in front of the ball (if the ball is on the ground) or to clip the tee beneath the ball (if the ball is on a tee). Again, this is the same idea that Nancy is talking about.

Simply put, if you want to get a solid hit that gets the ball up into the air, you must hit the ball with a slightly downward motion at impact.

Yeah, I know. It's a simple concept that you hear over and over. But if you're consistently having a problem getting the ball up in the air, then you are consistently mis-hitting the ball! Devote a few minutes to one of these "aiming" techniques each time you go to the range, and use it each time you hit a shot during a round. It won't be long before you're getting consistently solid contact.

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