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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Katie Rule's Chipping Tips (Video)

A month or so back I posted Katie's power tips. Today she looks at the other extreme of the game -- her tips on better chipping. While she says she's talking specifically to women, her tips are good for any player.

Her first tip is something many players never think about.
  • Choose where you want the ball to land first.
Unless you do this first, you don't have a good frame of reference for choosing the best club for the shot. Pick your landing spot, give the area from there to the hole a quick study, and choose your club with that knowledge.

Her second tip is all about setup.
  • Narrow your stance so you have only a clubhead's length between your feet, and place the ball off the big toe of your trailing foot.
This is narrower than many players ever consider, but this combination of narrow stance and ball position guarantees that you'll hit the ball first with a downward stroke. That's important from the rough.

And her final tip is fairly natural for most players.
  • Grip down on the club, almost to the shaft.
A shorter shaft is easier to control, especially from the rough.

Simple tips, but we all need to remind ourselves of the basics from time to time if we want to keep our games sharp.

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