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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Paul Horton on "Going Soft" for Distance (Video)

GCA coach Paul Horton's video is short and to the point. It might surprise you.

Actually, this idea of softening your hands and wrists isn't foreign to this blog. Here are links to three posts I did nearly three years ago -- two compared bunker technique to doing the Carlton Dance (this is the first post and this is the second post) and the third was on using a grass whip to learn the technique.

If you ever take martial arts, you'll learn that you create the most speed by remaining relaxed until impact. The nice thing about trying to stay relaxed swinging the club is that firming up your wrists at impact happens much more naturally than it does when you're hitting something with your fist. (Learning to firm up your fist at impact requires more conscious timing.)

Relaxation during your swing is something most players struggle with, simply because we think in terms of power rather than speed. We equate power with lifting weights and tensing up. But relaxation even feels faster, so it's a bit easier to achieve.

So take some time to revisit those older posts after watching Horton's video. Between the four of them, you just might find a little extra clubhead speed... and pick up a few extra yards.

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