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Friday, August 2, 2019

Sandy Lyle on the Bump-and-Run (Video)

This GC video of Sandy Lyle's bump-and-run keys is fascinating to me. He actually calls it a chip shot.

He describes the bump-and-run this way:
  • short backswing (note that the club shaft doesn't get above parallel to the ground at the top of the backswing)
  • quick stroke (he says it's just "one-two," not a leisurely stroke)
  • narrow stance (looks like maybe only a hand's width between his heels)
  • stand close to the ball (even enough to raise the heel of the club slightly off the ground)
  • ball back in stance (in the video it's just inside his trailing foot)
  • stiff wrists (no real cocking of the wrists)
  • hands forward (all the way through impact -- you don't let the wrists uncock)
  • keep the body moving (you need to turn through the shot so your belly button faces the target)
This is the most detailed description of a bump-and-run that I've ever seen in a video this short. And Sandy Lyle should know this shot -- he's Scottish, so he grew up playing it! And since this is a 2019 video, you know this is his current technique. It's definitely worth learning.

1 comment:

  1. Recently I've written a book: Chipping and Pitching. Sandy Lyle's execution of the chip and run is ideal. Wish I had been able to incorporate it within my pages.