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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tom Stickney on the Dreaded Double-Cross

Golf Tips Magazine posted an article about a month ago on how to avoid a double-cross off the tee. This is an article worth reading.

Setup for a normal draw

While most instructors describe a double-cross as aiming to play a fade but hitting a pull-hook instead, Stickney says the double-cross can also be a draw that turns into a push-slice.

As a result, this is an article that can help you with all kinds of unintentional tee shots that don't go where you intended.

However, it also means I can't really summarize it because there's too much information. But I can tell you what Stickney says are the main causes of both shots:
  • The fade that hooks is usually caused when you stay too long on your trailing foot and close the clubface.
  • The draw that slices is usually caused when you stand up during the shot and open the clubface.
He then gives you drills to help correct both problems.

It seems to me that the info in this article might help anybody struggling to create a specific shot shape off the tee. Changing your mechanics won't necessarily help correct the problem unless you understand why you have the problem in the first place. Stickney's advice just might give you the insight you need to get the results that you want.

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