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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Twofer Tuesday: TOUR Championship

Well, it's the final event of the 2018 - 2019 season. Twofer Tuesday makes a trip to the TOUR Championship.

2018 champion Tiger Woods

As usual, the TOUR Championship is being held at East Lake Golf Course in Atlanta GA, home of Bobby Jones. The defending champion, Tiger Woods, didn't make it back this year so we'll have a new champion for sure.

In addition, there will be no whiteboards with columns, columns and more columns of FedExCup point totals constantly shifting as we try to figure out who's actually leading the event. This year, the FedExCup and the TOUR Championship will have a single winner who receives $15mil.

Not bad work if you can get it!

It seems that no matter what I have tried recently, my Twofer Tuesday pics have been less than stellar performers. Players who have been on streaks suddenly fall apart once I pick them, while players who may have shown some form over the season but have not won suddenly find themselves picking up trophies.

But no matter what method of choosing I have considered for this week's picks, it has all come down to one thing for me -- namely, the players begin the event with a certain number of strokes already on their scorecards. Given the inconsistency shown by most of the best players over the last few months, I can't help but think that the new handicapping system in this year's event will turn out to be very important.
  • For my Top10er I'm going with Patrick Cantlay. Patrick has played very well all season and chalked up a big win at Jack's Place. Last week he made a very solid run at eventual winner Justin Thomas, but came up short because he started too far back the last day. He'll only be starting two strokes back this week and I think that, given his reasonably consistent form this year, that won't present a major problem.
  • And for my winner it will probably come as no surprise that I'm taking Justin Thomas.  I picked Justin earlier this season because of his performance as he came back from wrist injury, but he wasn't completely back at that point. His win at the BMW this past week shows me that his physical recovery is complete, and it's just a matter of how well his mental game has returned. I'm betting that he gained a lot of confidence with the win and may be riding that wave of confidence this week.
I confess that I debated over which of these two players I should choose as my winner. However, I found myself with little doubt that both of these players are the best picks to win. That's especially true after Brooks said he hasn't felt comfortable over the ball for a few weeks now… and his play has shown that. So let's see if these two can step out of his shadow and take home the big one.

GC's coverage of the TOUR Championship begins Thursday at 1pm ET and PGA TOUR LIVE streaming begins at 10:30am ET. Let's see if my pics can finally get the job done when there's $15mil on the line!

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