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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Garrett Froggate on Minimizing Tension (Video)

GCA coach Garrett Froggate has the right idea here, but I'm not sure it will work all the time.

The idea, of course, is reactive motion -- that is, you don't want to 'freeze' over the ball. And what he wants you to do is mentally stay in motion with this routine:
  • Count 1: Look at the hole
  • Count 2: Look at the ball (let's be more specific and look at the back of the ball)
  • Count 3: Take the club back
  • Count 4: Stroke the ball toward the hole
The reason I'm not sure it will work all the time is because, although you're moving your head and changing your focus -- both good ways to keep your mind moving -- the rest of your body is pretty much locked in place.

And when you're locked in place, tension can easily sneak in.

While you don't want to start moving back and forth over the ball, I think you should add a little bit of leg motion. You don't need much, maybe just flex your trailing knee a bit as you look at the hole and then straighten it again when you look at the back of the ball. It'll be a small motion but it will keep you from locking your muscles during your routine.

Remember: Relieve the tension with motion, no matter how small. Then you won't freeze over the shot.

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