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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Phillis Meti's Driving Drill (Video)

This Extra Credit video from Martin Hall has long drive champ Phillis Meti practicing her drives... with an iron and a putting grip?!?

I don't mean she's gripping the club as if she was putting. No, I mean she's using a flat-sided putting grip that's been installed on a 7-iron that has been set an extra 5° upright. What's the deal?

This strange piece of practice equipment makes it easy for her to match her driver setup with the shorter club, and the flat side of the putter grip lets her be sure that the clubface is square to her aimline.

In other words, the grip helps her make sure she isn't flipping the club at impact or leaving it open. She says it was her teacher's idea, so she can work on this while she's on the road without him.

Just goes to show that understanding what you're trying to do when you swing can help you better design a practice drill that focuses your effort more effectively.

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