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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Claude Brousseau's Anti-Slice Drill (Video)

On Sunday's post Ryan asked for a more in-depth explanation of the anti-slice move I mentioned. I plan to do a post (more than one if necessary) this weekend to help him. But in the meantime, I offer this video of GCA coach Claude Brousseau's drill to help eliminate a slice.

This isn't a new drill but it might help some of you who, like Ryan, are struggling to wrap your minds around how your lead arm and shoulder movement helps eliminate a slice.

By turning your back to the target, your lead arm and shoulder are forced to create the proper impact positions. Your upper arm is forced to stay close to your rib cage and your lead shoulder is forced to 'open up' at impact. (Don't worry if you don't understand what 'opening up your shoulder' means right now. I'll explain that in this weekend's post.)

Before you ask... NO, you don't want to use this drill anywhere but on the range. If you spend too much time with it, I think it could adversely affect your lower body action. But using it a few times can really help you learn what proper lead side action feels like at impact.

And YES, Ryan, that post is on the way. Be on the lookout for it this weekend.


  1. Thanks! Even the thought of this drill is taking my mind places about impact I haven’t been. I know I don’t turn my body far enough in the backswing and tend to rush the downswing. This is like permanently being in a backswing position during the downswing. Very interesting.

    1. Remember my comments on the other post about your upper arm, elbow and forearm being like a door jamb, hinge and door? How your upper arm and elbow stayed close to your rib cage and your forearm swung like a door opening? This drill creates the feeling I tried to describe with that analogy.

      Hopefully it will all make sense after this weekend’s post.

  2. Id love to be able to do this on demand and with success. Can you imagine the look on your match play opponents face after 3 holes of doing this? He would be so befuddled at how you are hitting it his game would totally crumble lol.