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Friday, October 25, 2019

John Hughes on the Versatile Chip Shot

Over at the Golf Tips Magazine site John Hughes is doing a series on golf milestones. Each article gives a tip for breaking 100, breaking 90, breaking 80 and breaking 70. Today I want to focus on the third article's tip for breaking 100.

John Hughes using a chip shot in different situations

Some of you have figured this out already, but chipping isn't just for around the green. A chip is just a partial shot, one that gives you extra control for better ball contact and better control. You can chip from under or between trees, out of bunkers, off pine straw, out of rough, even from the middle of the fairway if you're worried about nearby hazards.

You can play a chip with any club in your bag, from just about any lie. A bump and run is just a long chip shot, as is a knockdown shot. You can make a very short swing or a controlled three-quarter shot. There is no rule that says you ever have to make a full swing or swing as hard as you can.

Use that versatility to your advantage and you can take a lot of shots off your score.

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