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Sunday, October 27, 2019

LPGA and LET May Be 'Getting Together'

Today I'm just giving you a link to a story from a few days back about the LPGA and LET renewing talks of a partnership. Somehow I missed it, even after Phil messaged it to me.

Carlotta Ciganda teeing off at an LET event

I'm actually surprised this hasn't happened already. Mike Whan has made no secret that his business philosophy is "A rising tide lifts all ships." It has allowed him to lead the LPGA out of a horrible financial struggle simply because he is willing to work with others without 'taking over' their businesses. An alliance between the LPGA and the LET -- who are already doing some cosponsored events and such -- would seem to be a win-win for both sides.

Randell Mell says the two sides are trying to prepare a potential agreement in time for the LET annual meeting in November, so the players can discuss the possibilities.

Here's hoping that something mutually beneficial can be worked out. The LET is too important to just let it fade away.

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