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Friday, November 22, 2019

Annabel Rolley on the Chip and Run (Video)

Australian pro Annabel Rolley has a very simple formula for hitting a chip and run.

And I do mean formula...

First off, note that she uses a narrow stance and plays the ball off her lead toe. You may need to adjust that, but it won't take you long to find the right ball position. That's simple enough.

She says to use a firm grip on the club. Basically she wants you to chip without using your wrists to add extra loft. That's also simple enough.

Then she says to choose a 7-, 8- or 9-iron to hit the shot... and she says that the choice is crucial. But if it's crucial, how do you choose which club to use?

That's where the formula comes in. Divide the distance between you and the hole into three equal parts. You want to chip the ball so it carries the first third and rolls the other two thirds. Practice chipping with the three clubs until you know which one gives you the correct results.

And that's simple enough as well. Just put in a little practice around the green and once you find the correct club, work with it until you can chip the ball to the carry distance you want with reasonable accuracy. Once you do, you're going to end up with a lot of short putts to get up and down.

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