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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Brandel Chamblee on Danny Lee's Distance Increase (Video)

Brandel's explanation of how Danny Lee 'uses the ground' is easy to understand.

It fascinates me that Brandel uses the same term to describe this move that I have used for years in this blog -- that you want to 'fall' into your downswing so you can push up into the finish.

How do you get 'high' in your backswing? Just let your trailing knee straighten and your lead heel raise off the ground to get into position. You don't have to try to raise your lead heel. It will be pulled off the ground as your hips turn around. Your lead knee will move away from the target and behind the ball. You can see that in Brandel's demonstration.

And you don't have to squat on your downswing. If your lead knee retains its bend as you start your downswing, you just let your trailing knee bend as you turn forward to hit the ball. That will lower your body naturally.

Then, as you near impact, you straighten your lead knee. You already do this naturally, folks, but this technique involves consciously emphasizing the action. And that takes practice.

I want to make one important point here. You don't have to jump up to use the ground. Jumping will merely increase the distance you get from the effect. And if you don't consciously jump up, you'll find it easier to control the distance you get from the natural version of using the ground.

That's probably why the GC website calls this a 'distance hack'. It's taking something natural and exaggerating it. Danny picked up something like 20 yards or so by doing this. If you want to try it, that's how it's done.

Just choose where you try it so you don't lose a lot of golf balls!

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