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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Gary Player's Fitness Tips (Video)

Keeping with the South African emphasis this weekend, here are some exercise tips from Gary Player.

I won't rehash what he says because it's a short video. But I will point out a couple of things Gary focuses on.

First, although Gary does some weightlifting exercises, in this video he focuses on bodyweight exercises. You don't need weights in order to do them, so you can do them anywhere. Note that the video includes some tips on how many to do when starting out... and those recommendations are nowhere near what Gary is doing. Take those recommendations seriously!

And second, Gary's emphasis is on core exercises. Without a strong core, other strength exercises won't be nearly as effective. And strong core work not only helps your golf, it helps prevent general back and hip problems.

With the holidays right on top of us with all their demands, Gary's workout tips may help you maintain -- and even improve -- your fitness level at a time of the year when most folks get even more out of shape.

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