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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

No post today because it's Thanksgiving here in the US and I'm spending time with close friends. Hope everybody has a great day and finds many things for which to be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!


  1. There is a team match play event taking place in Korea beginning Friday local time: the 5th annual OrangeLife Champions Trophy Park Inbee Invitational. 13 of the top players from the KLPGA take on 13 of the top ethnic Koreans, native born or otherwise, from the LPGA. There will be six fourball matches Friday, six foursomes matches Saturday and 12 singles matches Sunday.

    Day One fourball pairings - all times local (EST+14hrs):

    1030: Inbee Park/Danielle Kang vs Hee Jeong lim/Hye Jin Choi
    1042: Lydia Ko/Jenny Shin vs Ji Young Kim2/Ye Rim Choi
    1054: Amy Yang/Mi Hyang Lee vs Jung Min Lee/Da Yeon Lee
    1106: Hyo Joo Kim/Eun Hee Ji vs Chae Yoon Park/Ha Na Jang
    1118: Mi Jung Hur/Jeong Eun Lee6 vs A Lim Kim/Min Ji Park
    1130: So Yeon Ryu/Jin Young Ko vs Ji Hyun Kim/A Yeon Cho

    Sitting out day one: Minjee Lee & Jeong Min Cho

    There is a 3rd party stream of SBS Golf's coverage of the event at and it begins tonight because of the time difference.

    Day one fourballs: Thursday 8:25-11:30pm EST
    Day two foursomes: Friday 8:25-11:30pm EST
    Day three singles: Saturday 7:30-11:50pm EST

  2. KLPGA leads 3.5 to 2.5 after Day 1. The LPGA wins came from the teams of Lydia Ko/Jenny Shin and So Yeon Ryu/Jin Young Ko while Amy Yang/Mi Hyang Lee halved their match.

  3. It was actually Minjee Lee paired with Lydia, not Jenny Shin.

    Day two foursomes:

    10:30 So Yeon Ryu/Inbee Park vs Jung Min Lee/Ji Young Kim

    10:40 Amy Yang/Danielle Kang vs Ye Rim Choi/Chae Yoon Park

    10:50 Hyo Joo Kim/Eun Hee Ji vs Jeongmin Cho/Ayean Cho

    11:00 Jeongeun Lee6/Jenny Shin vs Da Yeon Lee/Hye Jin Choi

    11:10 Lydia Ko/Minjee Lee vs Min Ji Park/Hee Jeong Lim

    11:20 Mi Jung Hur/Jin Young Ko vs Ji Hyun Kim/A Lim Kim

  4. The KLPGA has only won one of the previous four editions of this event (2017), but they're in the drivers seat heading into Sunday singles leading 7.5 to 4.5. Only Jeong Eun Lee6/Jenny Shin managed to win their match while So Yeon Ryu/Inbee Park and Danielle Kang/Amy Yang tied theirs.

    The lineup for Day 3:

    0940: Lydia Ko vs Jung Min Lee

    0948: Jenny Shin vs Ji Hyun Kim

    0956: Danielle Kang vs Ha Na Jang

    1004: Jeong Eun Lee6 vs A Yeon Cho

    1012: Amy Yang vs Min Ji Park

    1020: Eun Hee Ji vs Ji Young Kim

    1036: So Yeon Ryu vs A Lim Kim

    1044: Mi Jung Hur vs Chae Yoon Park

    1052: Mi Hyang Lee vs Da Yeon Lee

    1100: Hyo Joo Kim vs Ye Rim Choi

    1108: Minjee Lee vs Hee Jeong Lim

    1116: Jin Young Ko vs Hye Jin Choi

  5. The Sunday singles turned into a rout for the KLPGA stars as they took 7 of the 12 matches and tied another to win 15 to 9. Only Lydia Ko, Jin Young Ko, Eun Hee Ji and Jeong Eun Lee6 managed wins while Hyo Joo Kim finished tied in her match. For the domestic tour it is their 2 win in the 5 year history of the event.